The horrible 'Charm' of a nuclear explosion (USA, 2023)


Project Type: Documentary, Short

Runtime:  8 min 09 sec

Completion Date: January 10, 2023 

Shooting Format: Digital

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Film Color: Color

Brief Synopsis

What is the only provocation that could bring about the use of nuclear weapons? Nuclear weapons. What is the priority target for nuclear weapons? Nuclear weapons. What is the only established defense against nuclear weapons? Nuclear weapons. How do we prevent the use of nuclear weapons? By threatening the use of nuclear weapons. And we can't get rid of nuclear weapons, because of nuclear weapons. The intransigence, it seems, is a function of the weapons themselves.

Martin Amis, Einstein's Monsters (1987), "Introduction: Thinkability"


International Sound Future Awards (New York, US) - Award Winner

Royal Society of Television & Motion Picture Awards (Kolkata, West Bengal, India) – Award Winner

American Golden Picture International Film Festival (Jacksonville, Florida, United States) – Award Winner

Kollywood International Film Festival (Chennai, Tamilnadu, India) - Award Winner

Venus International Film Festivals (Chennai, Tamilnadu, India) - Award Winner

World Film Carnival - Singapore - Award Winner

New York Cinematography AWARDS (NYCA) - Semi-Finalist


Black Swan International Film Festival (India) - Award Winner

New York Neorealism Film Awards (Roma, Italy) - Award Winner

Cannes Independent Film Awards (France) - Award Winner

Gangtok International Film Festival (India) - Award Winner

Gwangju International Film Festival (India) - Award Winner

European Cinematography AWARDS (Amsterdam, Netherlands) - Semi-Finalist

Medusa Film Festival (US-UK) - Award Winner

8 & Halfilm Awards (Rome,Italy) - Award Winner

Stanley Film Awards (London, UK) - Award Winner

Watch Out International Film Festival (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US) - Award Winner

Dreamz Catcher International Film Festival (Kolkata, West Bengal, India) - Award Winner

Hollywood Gold Awards (Los Angeles, California, US) - Award Winner

Swedish International Film Festival - Nominee

Rameshwaram International Film Festival (Tamil Nadu, India) - Award Winner

Magic Silver Screen (UK-US) - Award Winner

NYC Independent Film Festival (US) - Award Winner

Cult Critic Movie Awards (Kolkata, West Bengal, India) - Award Winner

Druk International Film Festival (Paro, Bhutan) - Award Winner

Beyond the Curve International Film Festival (Paris, France) - Nominee

4th Dimension Independent Film Festival (Bali, Indonesia) - Nominee

Mannheim Arts and Film Festival (Germany) - Honorable Mention

Gold Star Movie Awards (Newark, New Jersey, US) - Honorable Mention

Red Moon Film Festival (US-UK) - Finalist

HOLLYWOOD BLVD FILM FESTIVAL (Hollywood, CA, US) - Official Selection

Golden Giraffe International Film Festival (Nice, France) - Official Selection

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Boden International Film Festival (Sweden) - Official Selection

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Robinson Film Awards (Poggiomarino, Campania, Italy) - Finalist

Dublin World Film Festival - Semi-Finalist

UK Seasonal Short Film Festival (UK) - Special Mention awards

Cine Sepia Reels Carnival (Kolkata, West Bengal, India) - Award Winner

The Corner Seats International Film Festival (Chennai, Tamilnadu, India)  - Official Selection

Qaboos Flim festivel (Oman) - Official Selection

Film Language IFF (Paris, France) - Official Selection

Bridge of Peace (PARIS, Ile-de-France, France) - Honorable Mention

Milasa Film Festival (Antalya, Turkey) - Award Winner

Golden Bridge İstanbul Short Film Festival (Turkey) - Official Selection

Praque Underground Film Festival (Czech Republic) - Semi-Finalist

Markham International Film Festival (Canada) - Official Selection

ICP Entertainment Film Festival (New York, NY, US) - Award Winner

Wallachia Int'l Film Festival (Bucharest, Romania) - Finalist


Festival Internacional de las Artes Cinematograficas de San Cristobal (Mexico) - Official Selection

Vancouver Independent - International Film Festival (Canada).

Mesa International Film Festival (Meza, Arizona, US) - Official Selection

Screaming Ostrich International Film Festival (Newton, Massachusetts, US) - Nominee