…Lucid Dreams 

(USA, 2021)


Project Type: Experimental

Runtime: 13 minutes 34 seconds

Completion Date: April 1, 2021

Shooting Format: Digital

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Film Color: Color

Brief Synopsis 

Lucid dreaming is an altered state of consciousness in which a person is aware that he is dreaming, and can control its content to some extent. This is a kind of borderline state between REM sleep and wakefulness.


Global India International Film Festival - Award Winner

Royal Society of Television & Motion Picture Awards (India) - Official selection

Rome Film Awards (Italy) - Award Winner

2022 WSXA Barcelona International Awards (Spain) - Finalist

The Accolade Global Film Competition, 2021 (La Jolla, CA, USA) – Award of Merit

Sweden Film Awards, 2021 (Stockholms, Sweden) – Semi-finalist

Toronto Independent Festival of CIFT, 2021 (Toronto, Canada) - Official selection

Cult Critic Movie Awards, 2021 (Kolkata, India) – Winner

Boden International Film Festival, 2021 (Boden, Sweden) – Finalist

Kosice International Monthly Film Festival, 2021 (Koshice, Slovakia) - Finalist

Berlin Indie Film Festival, 2021 (Germany) – Winner

The Asian Cinematography Awards, 2021 (Manila, Philippines) – Finalist

Paris International Short Festival, 2021 (France) – Finalist

Hollywood International Golden Age Festival, 2021 (New York City, USA) 

Florida Shorts, 2021 (USA) – Winner

Life Screenings International Short Film Festival, 2021 (Clermont, USA) - Official selection

Barcelona International Film Festival, 2021 (Spain) – Winner

Mumbai International Film Awards, 2021 (India) - Winner

Tagore International Film Festival, 2021 (West Bengali, India) - Outstanding Achievement Award

SASEE FILM AWARDS (Kumbakonam, India) - Winner

Latitude Film Awards (London, UK) – Winner

Rameshwaram International Film Festival, 2021 (Madras, India) - Winner

Chicago Indie Film Awards, 2021 (USA) - Official selection

IndieX Film Fest, 2021 (Los Angeles, USA) – Nominated for Best Editing

Austin International Art Festival (Round Rock, Texas, USA) - Finalist

4th Dimension Independent Film Festival (Bali, Indonesia) - Finalist

Black Swan International Film Festival (Kolkata, India) – Winner

Berlin Short Awards (Germany) – Finalist

Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival (Los Angeles, USA) – Winner

Tokyo International Short Film Festival, 2021 (Tokyo, Japan) - Honorable Mention

World Distribution Award (London, UK) - Honorable Mention

Best Music Video Award (London, UK) – Finalist

Vienna Indie Short Film Festival (Austria) - Semi-finalist

New York Movie Awards (USA) – Honorable Mention

Best Istanbul Film Festival (Turkey) – Winner

Florence Film Awards (Italy) - Honorable Mention

Something Wicked Film Festival (US) - Award Winner

Cairo Indie Short Festival (Egypt) - Semi-finalist

Vancouver Independent Film Festival (Canada) – Finalist

Onyko Films Awards (Tallinn, Estonia) – Finalist

Sydney Indie Short Festival (Australia) - Semi-finalist

Feel The Reel International Film Festival (Glasgow, United Kingdom) - Winner

San Diego Movie Awards (US) – Award of Excellence

Prague International Monthly Film Festival (Czech Republic) - Official selection

Gold Movie Awards® (London, United Kingdom) - Official selection

Madrid ARTHouse Film Festival (Spain) - Semi-finalist

FILMHAUS Berlin – Honorable Mention

Dubai Indie Film Festival (United Arab Emirates) - Finalist

Independent Shorts Awards (Los Angeles, California, United States) - Official selection

Near Nazareth Festival (Israil) - Award Winner

Druk International Film Festival (Bhutan) - Outstanding Achievement Award

Hollywood Gold Awards (USA) – Gold Award

Milan Gold Awards (Italy) – Silver Award

San Francisco Indie Short Festival (US) - Semi-finalist

London Seasonal Short Film Festival (UK)Honorable Mention

Madrid Film Awards® (Spain) - Semi-finalist

Los Angeles Cinematography AWARDS (LACA) – Winner

7th VERACRUZ SHORT FILM FESTIVAL (Veracruz, Mexico) - Official selection

Best Director Award, 2021 (London, UK) - Official selection

Maldives International Film Festival – Special Jury Award

World Music & Independent Film Festival (Washington, D.C., US) - Finalist

Lonely Wolf: London International Film Festival (United Kingdom) – Nominee

Something Wicked Film Festival (Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States) - Award Winner

GLIFF - Golden Lemur (Lisabon, Portugal) - Honorable Mention

Golden Short Film Festival (Roma, Italy) - Official selection

Indo-Singapore International Film Festival – Special Jury Award


BritCon Film Festival (Seattle, US) - Official selection


Tokyo Shorts (Japan) - Semi-finalist

FLICKFAIR (Los Angeles, California, United States) - Official selection

2021 ARFF Amsterdam // International Awards (Netherlands) - Semi-finalist

Serbest International Film Festival (Kishinev, Moldova) - Official selection

NewFilmmakers NY (US) - Official selection

New Jersey Film Festival (New Brunswick, US) - Official selection

Niagara Falls International Short Festival (Niagara Falls, New York, United States) - Semi-finalist

Nawada International Film Festival (Bihar, India) - Winner

London indie festival of 24frames, 2021 (United Kingdom) - Semi-finalist

White Nights Film Festival, 2021 (St. Petersburg, Russia) - Official selection

World Film Carnival, 2021 (Singapore) – Outstanding Achievement Award

Northeast Mountain Film Festival (US) - Finalist

Buenos Aires International Film Festival (Argentina) – Best Director

Arthouse Festival of Beverly Hills (Los Angeles, California, United States) - Semi-finalist

Ealing Film Festival (London, United Kingdom) - Official selection

Dreamers of Dreams Film Festival (London, UK) - Official selection

Deep Focus Film Festival in Brooklyn, New York - Official selection

European Cinematography AWARDS (Amsterdam, Netherlands) – Winner

New Wave Short Film Festival (Munich, Germany)Honorable Mention

Virgin Spring Cinefest (India) - Award Winner

Cuckoo International Film Awards (India) – Special Jury Awards

International Motion Picture Festival (India) - Award Winner

Costa Brava Film Fest (Spain) – Nominee

Prince of Prestige Academy Awards (Land O' Lakes, FL, United States) - Award Winner

Masters of Cinema - Award Winner

GIMFA - Gralha International Monthly Film Awards (Brazil) - Award Winner

Arrow International Film Festival - Official selection

Dubai Festival - Honorable Mention

Geneve Awards (Switzerland) - Official selection