#Glitch – objects 

(USA, 2021)


Project Type: Experimental

Runtime:10 minutes

Completion Date:March 24, 2021

Shooting Format:Digital

Aspect Ratio:16:9

Film Color:Black & White and Color

Brief Synopsis 

Data manipulation changes the information inside the digital file to create glitches. Databending involves editing and changing the file data. + experimental music creates a special effect. An attempt to establish contact with the viewer. Not an easy task.


Rome Independent Prisma Awards, 2021 (Rome, Italy) - Semifinalist

Roma Short Film Festival, 2021 (Rome, Italy) – Finalist

FROSTBITE International Indie fest, 2021 (Colorado Springs, USA) – Finalist

New York Tri-State International Film Festival, 2021 (USA) - Official selection

New Wave Short Film Festival (Munich, Germany) – Finalist

Long Distance Film Festival (USA) – Semifinalist

Art Film Awards, 2021 (Skopje, Macedonia) – Honorable Mention

1ST MONTHLY FILM FESTIVAL, 2021 (Belgrade, Serbia) – Winner

Tokyo International Short Film Festival, 2021 (Tokyo, Japan) – Finalist

Indie Short Fest (Los Angeles, USA) – Semifinalist

INTERNATIONAL New York Film Festival - Official selection

Virgin Spring Cinefest (India) - Finalist

Action on Film MegaFest 16th/17th Annual Film Festival and Writers' Competition 2020/2021 (Las Vegas, NV, US) - Official selection

Miracle Makers International Film Festival (Las Vegas, NV, United States) - Winner

SCREAM it off SCREEN, 2021 (US) – Finalist

Gangtok International Film Festival (India) - Award Winner

The BLOW-UP · International Arthouse Filmfest · Chicago (US) Semi-finalist

Shanghai Short Film Festival (China) - Official selection

Royal Society of Television & Motion Picture Awards (India) - Award Winner

Toronto Indie Filmmakers Festival (Canada) - Official selection

 Hollywood New Directors (US) - Honorable Mention

BollywoodINDIES Fest (India) – Finalist

Seoul International Short Film Festival (Seoul, Republic of Korea) - Finalist

Dumbo Film Festival (New York city, US)Semifinalist

Experimental Forum (Los Angeles, US) - Honorable Mention

New York Cinematography AWARDS (NYCA) – Winner

LA Underground Film Forum (US) - Honorable Mention

Short Movie Club Film Festival "Nefiltravanae kino" (Minsk, Belarus) - Official selection

Golden Giraffe International Film Festival (Nice, France) - Official selection

Arthouse Asia (Kolkata, India) - Official selection

Your Way International Film Festival (Valetta, Malta) - Official selection

Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival - Official Selection